A.J. Clothiers

custom made clothing for 1/6 scale action figures

                             A.J. Clothiers

Welcome to my dress shop! I sew custom handmade clothing for 1/6 scale action figures. I sew mostly for the female figures like Cy girl, perfect body, BBI, Dragon, Otaku and Marx Jane West. I do sew a little for the male figures Dragon, BBi, G.I. Joe, Marx Johnny West and Knights.  Please browse around and see what's available in the store. I do take custom orders.  

Sorry, my sewing list is closed till I catch up!

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 I have added more dressed figures into the store and cut prices on many items!


                                           custom saddle set for Barbara



                          Breyer 1/9 scale saddle set LSQ     

                                        J.W. friendly saddle


                                        Horses by Luis of Nohuanda Equine Art

I have added some photos of my own horses by Luis to the photo section.

Please check out all of Luis's beautiful horses on his Flickr pages http://www.flickr.com/photos/nohuanda

Doc Tail awarded his "superior" plaque, in Custom Sport Horse"



 Derby Library Display

       Looking for 1/6 scale guns, holsters and hats? Look here!

   Ed Cassar intents2002@yahoo.com

Ed makes hats, gun rigs and weapons of all kinds. This is my Lone Ranger gun rig he made for me.