A.J. Clothiers

custom made clothing for 1/6 scale action figures

                             A.J. Clothiers

Welcome to my dress shop! I sew custom handmade clothing for 1/6 scale action figures. I sew mostly for the female figures like Cy girl, perfect body, BBI, Dragon, Otaku and Marx Jane West. I do sew a little for the male figures Dragon, BBi, G.I. Joe, Marx Johnny West and Knights.  Please browse around and see what's available in the store. I do take custom orders.  

   Sorry my sewing list has closed till I catch up.

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 I have added more dressed figures into the store and cut prices on many items!


            photo of the month by J.W.

Photo of the month

Check out all his photos!


This poster was made by Wolf of J.W. photo. COOL!




                                                               New saddle



                                 1/6 scale saddle set 



 Big Bill is making hats and gun belts now.Here are a couple of his hats and gun belts on some figures


                                        Horses by Luis of Nohuanda Equine Art

I have added some photos of my own horses by Luis to the photo section.

Please check out all of Luis's beautiful horses on his Flickr pages http://www.flickr.com/photos/nohuanda

Doc Tail awarded his "superior" plaque, in Custom Sport Horse"



 Derby Library Display

       Looking for 1/6 scale guns, holsters and hats? Look here!

   Ed Cassar intents2002@yahoo.com

Ed makes hats, gun rigs and weapons of all kinds. This is my Lone Ranger gun rig he made for me.



                                           The Joker by Carl Demaio

You can contact Carl here: cdemaio@ymail.com to have your own custom Joker made!