A.J. Clothiers

1/6 scale clothing custom made for action figures

                         Saddles and stuff!

Here I'll post what saddles I  have made for sale. As well as an other tack items. This will all so be a catch- all page for other items I have made.

              You can see all my past tack and the newest tack on my Flickr stream too!

     Parade saddle set 2017

             available in the store!



                                  Saddle bags and rifle boot


                                                    Horse blankets

                      special order horse tack

                          Feed Sacks from Little Leon!


                                                               new ones made and more to come!

                          Spoons Forks and knives

               Real metal! spoons, forks, and knives!

                   blankets and quilts

                                    Feed Nosebags


                Black and tan saddle set 41




                                              Custom ordered set for J.W.



                                       More saddles and stuff