A.J. Clothiers

1/6 scale clothing custom made for action figures

                 Native American style clothing and horse tack

O.K. I think I have made enough Native American clothing and horse tack to have a page just for them. Here you will see figures and clothing that I made for sale and have sold all ready.

A family of sisters, Talking Bird, Little Bird, Red Bird a Princess Wildflower and their mother Sagagawea (I didn't make Sagagawea)

                                         Little Bird SOLD!

                                             Talking Bird SOLD!

Miss Kitty a custom horse by Debra Prather at a model horse show.


                                                 Red Bird


                                 Princess Wild Flower

 Clear Spring"  SOLD





                     " Her Basket is full" SOLD!



                                     Koko Wapiti SOLD!


                                                       Plain buckskin suit


                                      More Indians....page 2