A.J. Clothiers

1/6 scale clothing custom made for action figures

          I make custom Surcoats!

                   Ladies Maroon and tan underdress and surcoat

                         figure done for Steven

                                        The Archer, female


All real leather belt girdle and jerkin. Brown fabric under tunic. Matching leather footwear and quiver.

                  Maroon and tan men's fancy surcoat and cloak

                         green plaid under dress with metallic over dress    

                      green archer and  Robin Hood sold!




Sorry both of these beautiful outfits are SOLD!

His and hers outfits. embroidered cotton under tunics with tieing sleeves. Fuax leather jerkin for him and surcoat trimmed in "sheepswool" for her.  matching lace-up boots.


                                  Krim test outfits

                    Here is the testing outfits and wigs I did for a customer.


                                         The Wedding

all figures are Marx knights and the Ladies are all Jane Wests! from my personal collection.


The horse is named Mai-zel Zahir after my daughter's real horse, may he R.I.P.

 a custom Marx horse done by Debra Prather. I made all his tack as well.

My Knight W.I.P.

                                            Leather Jerkins

                      Blue and silver cloak

                                               The Noble men out for a ride

                               more medieval clothing

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