A.J. Clothiers

1/6 scale clothing custom made for action figures

                        Bonnie and Clyde, Jo and Ann

 Jo and Ann are the team, Bonnie and Clyde are the Cavlery horses, Big Bluebell (power team horse) in back ponying a Marx Flame.


                 Custom 1/6 scale horses by Debra Prather

                                        Debra's 1/6 creations are simply gorgeous!

She uses old broken Marx (Johnny West) Power Team and Dragon horses and does amazing things to them. Each one is an OOAK. Meticulously crafted and painted to perfection, each of Debs’s horses seem to come to life. She has the fantastic ability to give each horse a unique expression true to life. Some being calm and sweet, others all fire and fierce of spirit! I finely convinced her to allow me to showcase her horses here. I believe I'm her #1 fan! I own 16 horses and Mules, and one custom painted Breyer Longhorn Bull and calf! 

see more of her horses in the Photo Gallery

Deb is no longer taking orders! She has quit customizing.

                                   Mustango   owned Adam 


       Cody the Mule owned by Fernado   



                          Bluebell, Sorry, owned by ME!


        You may not have seen this one! Bluebell used to be a Power Team horse. Look at her now!


                                        Chu Kash SOLD!


                                              Smarty SOLD!